Linking Policy

Per AMTA Policy Manual, Part 10, Section 4.D:
1. AMTA may offer reciprocal links to chapters, members, affiliated organizations, nationally-recognized accrediting institutions and specific health care and alternative health care sites that are not commercial in nature.
2. AMTA chapters, members and nationally recognized accrediting institutions with a Web site shall be allowed to list a link to their individual Web sites on the AMTA Web site, per procedures.
3. AMTA will not allow the AMTA logo to be used by itself by outside entities as a link at anytime and on any site to link to
4. Both member and non-member advertisers and participants in AMTA media opportunities will be allowed to offer their links on the AMTA Web site in conjunction with advertising they purchase.
5. AMTA will allow links to its Web site from legally-operating businesses, individuals and organizations as authorized by policy and/or procedures.
6. AMTA shall have the right to refuse a link to the AMTA Web site by businesses, organizations or individuals deemed not to be in line with the AMTA Mission, Code of Ethics or AMTA Advertising Policies.
7. Chapter Web sites shall link to the National AMTA Web site and AMTA’s Find a Massage Therapist online national locator service